Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday morning at our's

Perfection in a tin awaiting chilling and devouring at the beach this afternoon for our Sunday Potluck with friends. My Grandmother's Rich Rich Cheesecake is so divine. Today's however is missing it's sour cream topping, and is instead laced with fresh Lemon. The citrus in the garden is about to go wild. Hmm. Marmalade recipe anyone? I'll be on the hunt in particular for Grapefruit recipes.

Apples awaiting their destiny either in a tiny hand (as the one in the basket has already been) or in a cake, crumble, sauce, or preserve. We're at the end of our Apple run now. My goodness - there's a lot of apples on this farm. It's lovely to share them. 

plants and garlic awaiting the veggie patch. We've had a really rainy and wet couple of weeks, but it is meant to dry out now a little bit. Will consult my moon chart to see when to plant, and get them going outside! Unfortunately I was not disciplined enough to save enough garlic to plant. Too many of those precous cloves were put into the skillet with butter and wine, or blended thru soups, or blitzed in the aoli.  I will end up buying some more as we want a BIG crop this year. 

I am now making our own cheese. No more $11 blocks from the Supermarket. No, we now have Amy's Farmhouse cheese. The kids like it by the slice, it melts into lovely oooey gooey'ness. We're sold. And it's raw. Could it get any better?

And now, a little tour thru our renovated house. It will be a year in October since we've moved in. My friend Kellie came down from Queensland and put blood, sweat and tears into a rampant week of gutsy renno's and I was on the phone with her yesterday, and she was really wondering how it is working to LIVE in. Let me tell you... we're happy as clams. So... Without further ado - here are a few snaps of the place now that we live here. I restrained myself from going around picking up all the crap that finds it's way onto EVERYTHING, so these are the spontaneous Sunday morning pictures. Enjoy. xx

Our outdoor Queensland table has been brought inside. And we LOVE it. This is the latest change as it's only been in for 2 weeks. The old table made it's new home as my oversized desk/sewing/kids table in my office.

don't worry, Kellie - the 70's boombox is still alive and pumping out music in the kitchen, just a bit more discreet than before!

Well, off to finish up my farmhouse cheese and put the cheesecake in the fridge, and to hmm - get out of my jammies! 



Sarah said...

Have a great day at the beach : o ) We have beautiful weather here as well.

Ohhh your own cheese! GOsh you never cease to amaze me!

Thanks for the tour. Funny how you notice things and it draws a picture up of the person...

Jane S said...

Love your photos - the cheesecake looks incredible!

Mom said...

Thanks Sweety for the tour. Makes me feel a bit closer. Lemon Cheesecake sounds super...anything lemon is the best!
PS So happy to see a blog so soon after the last one :))) Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos Amy, great to talk to you today, miss my great friend!! That 'roadtrip' is in the pipeline, Xo

dixiebelle said...

Can we PLEASE come and live with you?

Vic said...

I hate you for having such a lovely house. :P

I am ridiculously jealous. That table.... oh my!