Thursday, May 5, 2011


don't you love it when a pile of fluff get's a few stitches and becomes a treasured possession?

This little ballerina sure does. 
She's having a rest in it before taking her daddy to his first ballet practice this arvo.
I told him he'll be in fits of giggles while he watches the little girls do their practice with all the seriousness of a judge.  They are truly too cute. 
But as for this morning - it needed a good workout first...

and we have a very happy little miss fluffing about today...

Bax loves climbing this tree to collect the apples.  

Monty is far too busy to strike a pose. 
Making sure his daddy doesn't get more than earshot away to hear his constant calling of "Daaa"

Made my Grandmother's delicious apple sauce today. Well - not exactly.... These apples need no added sugar, and very little else than a cinnamon stick thrown in for the boil and the zest of a lemon. And of course - the bit that really makes applesauce perfect - a tablespoon of butter at the end - to gloss it up and make it just right.  

Have a happy day. xx


Tanya said...

what great photos! It's all apples a go go here too. What do you use your apple sauce for? I am always on the look out for new ideas, I only have apple sauce with roast pork...

dixiebelle said...

Oh, gorgeous, and yum!

Fiona said...

What a gorgeous ballerina!
Think of you often as "Amy's Banana Cake" is now one of our staples.

Mom said...

What a sweet ballarina. Dad and I sure wish we could see her dance. Mighty nice poses.
Baxter looks like he had to dress up a bit for apple-picking. I love the hat!
And little Monty helps with everything, I am sure. Does the work get done quicker when he helps??? I'm sure it's more fun.
Applesauce ala Grandma is the best, but you know, she didn't sugar hers either. Just the wonderful lemon zest. Funny, she never considered herself a good cook but I sure think she was. We learned alot from her. Miss you Mom...

Anonymous said...

Oh you little ballerina is just too her tutu :)

Our apple slinky gets a fair workout in our home too...enjoy your apple sauce.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
What great photos, Gretta definitely looks the part, very beautiful, I'm sure Nic was a very proud Dad. Baxter looks good in his hat & Monty seems to be on a mission. I was given some lovely cooking apples so put them in the roasting dish at the end of cooking pork spare ribs, yum.
Love to you all,
Bronwyn (Nic's Mum)