Sunday, October 23, 2011


Nasturtium, sage and mint water. Cleansing and refreshing.
There's been a great necessity for cleansing around here at the moment. Strange energy has been lurking in the corners.

It's so hard to take a leap of faith, learn from mistakes, and lead on doing what you love.
Is it always the right thing to do? Live your passion? Work your fingers and heads down to the wire and struggle the whole way through? I don't know. Time will tell, I guess.

I suppose things grow and change every day.
As do we.

Sometimes that growth just comes a bit more difficultly than usual.
And then there's always that ol' surprising glorious rainbow, or stolen moment of sheer happiness.

Ye gads - our house is the same colour of the rose!

Anyway - enough of that glum pondering...

We bought a very necessary piece of yard equipment this week...
Le Hammock!

Hours and hours of fun and special moments between siblings and adults alike.
It's pretty cool to have a hammock in our backyard.

And a few op shop finds... !

...and yet more hammock moments.
Preferably in jammies with the dew still on the lawn, thank you very much!

my view first thing this morning...

-- note to self: don't let Monty come toooo close while holding the camera!

Enjoy the good bits in this crunchy life, eh!?


Jane S said...

Cool post Amy, love your photos and the flowers on the background of the blog :)

Mom said...

Wonderful pictures today! You all look most comfy in the new hammock but how is it getting in and out? Did Mr Monty use his trusty John Deere wheelbarrow for a leg up? xxoo

Emma said...

Love the hammock! It is definitely a backyard must, friends in new guinea have one and it seems oh so tropical to have one ;)

Bad energy is the pits - get rid of it! I'm hearing you though...had total homecoming return to Ythanbrae yesterday, to 'my' little cottage and those magic hills. Le sigh. Grass is always greener - or the mint is always out of I had that garden so nice! All my plants look sad :(

Have got photos to show you xx

Anonymous said...

Hmm the bad energy thing struck a chord with me. Seems its everywhere. Wonder what it is from? Dont ever let others cut you down.

Big deep breath, re-group, stretch and rise above it all Amy. Release them. Nat <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Wow what a cool hammock, love the stripes, you'll all have great fun on that I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Love your hammock. I'm sure you will have many hours (not all at once) of relaxation, wonderful.
The photos are great, can't wait to see you all in a few weeks.
Love Bronwyn x