Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"yes" is easier than I thought!

Today brought a day with a mantra of "say yes"
I scribbled it on our board to remind myself.
Be present with the kiddos.
Do the things they ask of you even if they're crazy or disturb me from what I am doing.
We had many morning teas - apples going out of the crisper left right and centre.
We had many visits outside Gretta's window to view her flower fairy playground that she created out of flowers from the garden.
We painted, we drew, we had a bike ride with a lesson for little miss (who currently thinks that she's to wait till she's 5 until she can ride a big girl bike - I assured her that big girl 4 year olds can do anything when they're 4 and of course she can learn now!)

So - what do you say when a friend brings a little abandoned wombat to you?
You say yes. I'll look after it.
And we did.

even if only for a few little hours.
I popped it into my baby sling and did the dishes, and said yes 
to every child that came past me asking to look at or pat the little baby wombat. 

He was surely cute. And built like a brick shithouse for being so very small. 
We rang the lady that deals with wildlife around these parts and she took him from us 
to take back to her place and feed it special wombat food. 

I did have a fleeting moment when little Wombat was considered to be raised by us. Abruptly put to rest by a "are you bloody kidding me" look by the Mr. Followed by a very clear and concise, "NO."
But I do believe that we have quite enough of the animal kind to look after for now. So, ooookay....

later... we packed a picnic Leek Soup and headed out for Walkerville. We had a chilly breeze, but warm soup and many faces filled with love.
Cracked some pecans, ate some watermellon, and came back home with a lighter heart.
Walkerville always does that for us.

and tomorrow???

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Mom said...

OMG!! I loved reading this and your next post. It makes me happy that you sound so happy. And the little bitty wombat is adorable. Ask Baxter and Gretta if they remember petting the wombat at the zoo, cuz they did! Love you...