Wednesday, October 5, 2011

spring garden

the artichoke is already in the pot being cooked.
bunnies happily in their outdoor hutch.
new seedlings to be planted out.
blossoms anticipating their luscious fruit in a few months time.
figs plumping slowly
planted the purple king beans and crimson sunflowers today.
weeded the strawberry patch.

There's so much anticipation! I love spring.


Umatji said...

lovely post! what are you propogating your seeds in - not loo rolls, hmm, looks interesting...

Amy said...

They're called jiffy blocks. Little peat filled thingos that swell with water. I just wanted some sure fire gardening this year - without the wastage when I planted them out. I got them here:

...along with peonys, dinner plate dahlia's, etc!


Mom said...

Mmmm Spring. L love it. However, we have already gotten dumb old snow at Lake Almanor, and I am in Chico where a horrible storm went through this evening with hail an inch in diameter! Vidky's yard is covered and, sadly, is pretty devestated. Flowers and vegis are stripped and even evergreens are badly damaged. Yuck!! Give me spring anytime! xxoo

Fiona said...

Love your Spring images ... particularly those beautiful hens. Spring storms rumbling around us at the moment, what's not to love!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Just looked in on your blog. Great photos, very inspiring. I'm in the middle of planting some flower plants & on looking around have found a suitable spot for strawberries, so better research some plants.
Love Bronwyn
(Nic's mum) NZ