Sunday, January 1, 2012

twenty twelve...

New Years Day, sitting in the sun at Waratah Bay with my dear friend, she asked me to share any reflections I had on 2011.

We shared and laughed, and shouted with rage, and it felt super excellent.

So as I returned home from our most magnificent beach, I wrote down a few reflections and anticipations...

twenty eleven
I am thankful for:

:: my rockin' husband.  our marriage in it's 8th year has taken on such an amazing, wonderful glow, and I'm so in love with him.

:: nurturing, uninhibited, happy friendships

:: downsizing:
a. my arse.
b. our "needs" 

:: realising our Ruby Hills Bath Milk

:: sitting our feet down in our business and community. Feels good.

twenty twelve
I'm looking forward to:

:: improved contentious parenting - with a conscience rather than 80% overdrive.

:: getting even more fit and trim

:: Chooken it up - increasing our chooky numbers and hooking into that market that we are consistently unable to fill. 

:: no more pink house. Cape cod blue with white trim, thank you very much (mom and dad!)

:: marketing Ruby Hills Organics to it's hilt.  sharing our sublime, clean, nourishing produce from this magical place.

There you have it. Probably the most I've ever actually thought about the New Year ever...  Or maybe it was planning my mischevious nights out in my twenties - but we won't get into that! I'm sure that there's much much more that I could add to all of that, but that's what came to mind immediately...

Happy New Year. May Twenty Twelve bring on awakening, joy, prosperity, understanding, love and much more mindful living from people around the world.

Oh yeah - and could the earthquakes ease up on Christchurch?
Please? Enough is enough!


dixiebelle said...

Love it! Good luck with all those wonderful plans...

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Thoughtful words as always!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Love the photography, the sea was finishing with 2011 & welcoming a wonderful 2012 with new ventures, it's always a good time, new calendar, fresh start.
Can't wait for March.
Love from Bronwyn x