Saturday, October 26, 2013


It's finally happening.  The penny has dropped and the reading freedom is upon her. 
Two down.  Two to go!
I can still remember the bliss I felt when I could pick up a book and go to another time and place.  I still do.
My childhood favorites were
Go dogs go
Berenstain bears
The babysitting Club
Sweet Valley High. ...
Am I taking you back yet?


Emma Steendam said...

Oh sweet valley! Ha! What a blast from the past...
I was big into The Saddle Club, before it was a TV show and every girl and her pony liked it. I was the original, man.
Was also quite Enid Blyton obsessed, especially the St Clare's series as my sisters were at boarding school and all I wanted to do is be there too!
Roald Dahl featured heavily also, especially Matilda, oh how I wished to be magical like Matilda!

Mom said...

You didn't "read" Barenstein Bears. You memorized it. Upside down! One of your Grandpa Sullins' favorite memories!