Friday, October 18, 2013

Celebrating Savvy

We had a party.
Our little darling, Savannah Bronwyn.
One year old.

The girl LOVES food.
This shot is her with her daddy - but someone had just brought a plate of cupcakes out.  Look at those eyes. Like an eagle with it's prey!
So... Food we gave her:

I was uber sick with a flu and resulting sinusitis. Without this friend and her sister, we would've been eating frozen baking out of ratty tupperware containers, but alas - Liz and Mary grabbed the box of decorations and hooked in to style a party for the little girl that they both adore. 

I am still in awe that I made all of these little people.

 "Healthy sandwich - no way! Give me CAKE!"

She found a lot of satisfaction sitting on dad's lap that day.  There was usually something sweet to be shared. 

But the sweetest of all was the little girl that everyone came together to celebrate.  Our little bonus baby. The glue that holds us together. The bees knees.  The apple of our eye.  
Whatever we name her - she's our little gem.

Now, it's been quiet for 3 minutes - I'd better go investigate... Has she found the toothpaste again? Will the drawers in the kitchen be emptied out? Has she worked out how to slide open the door?


Emma Steendam said...

Oh Savvy. You are just the bestest bonus baby that ever there was. How did the world still turn without you in it? Can't fathom. You make the very most delicious babes.

Fiona said...

You pair sure do make gorgeous babies. Love it all.

sharon said...

Fiona beat me to it, I was going to say that you do make scrummy babies (and they grown into terribly cute kids!)...I remember reading of your reaction to finding out you were having the bonus. It would take some getting used to, but: she was meant to be with your family :-)

Ainsley said...

What a gorgeous family! I think there's something very special about the 'bonus' baby in a family ...... They are just meant to be xxxx

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

So good to see you Amy, your family is just adorable. Love your look fab too! x

Jodie said...

Happy b'day to your gorgeous Savvy!!! What a gorgeous family you have Amy... xx