Monday, October 28, 2013

A Terrarium


I adore a homemade present - especially when it comes to the kids birthday parties.  They always seem to end up with so much landfill and plastic toys!

Gretta and I made a very special and simple terrarium for her gorgeous little friend Maeve who was turning seven.  A little bit of rock dust, a bit of lichen and some baby succulents, three jacks and a little dog to watch over things.

Happy to report a few weeks on that Maeve's terrarium is living well and growing heaps!

Do you like handmade gifts?  What about for children?
Share some inspiration with me!

x Amy
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sharon said...

now either I've not looked hard enough lately, but I'd not noticed your STUNNING blog header. Its just delightfully delicate and lovely.!

I've never tried a terrarium...found succulents to be somewhat fickle natured!

sharyn said...

Home made gifts are the best. Great blog post. x

Mom said...

Great idea!!

amber said...

very cool! i think my son, roman, would like one of these. i love handmade gifts. i try to make gifts, mostly, or buy handmade! they're better quality, and just more "love" in them <3