Friday, June 11, 2010

do you shroom?

I had a creative hour yesterday and whipped up these little trousers for the zooma.

...waaaaay too long and too skinny in the bum for the long term. I used a little pair of stretchy pants of his which I have now altered the pattern to add an inch to each side.  I added the cuff, but when I make another pair I will make it so that the cuff can be rolled and keep the length.  My babes seem to sprout up pretty quickly at this stage, so it wouldn't surprise me if these were fitting before long.

Can you get over the fabric??
Just ONE of my collection from the states last month. 
Just wait till you see the donkeys. They might be the next trou's.

My creative time is SO needed at the moment.  Life is a little jiggled and hectic - money and bank stress, chookens and their delayed arrivals, pending moving (one day hopefully!!)... it's all a bit much at the mo and I need to just play with the kiddos and create.  The house had a good scrub for the auction last week so the housework can wait too. In fact - it can wait all the way thru the weekend.

I'm off to play with my kids and not think about the bank, chooks, money, houses, moving, school, etc. Well, maybe I'll think about it, but I'm not doing anything about it for now.

Have a happy day. Hop on the floor with the kids and let them know you're still there.


Butterfly Mama said...

I needed to read this. As I write this, Macie is clinging onto my leg begging me to play with her. So I am signing off too - have a great weekend. Lots of Love.

Anonymous said...

Love the trousers! I have just bought a sewing machine and made Hannah a little skirt last night! She's very keen on making clothes. Have a good weekend playing and not working, love Kate.

michelle said...

one clever mama! they r sweeeeeet xx