Monday, June 14, 2010

weekend treasures

I found some treasures over the weekend.

The white nobby container and the orange pearl bowls are my favourite.

My grandmother has glassware with lots of nobby bits on it - I think that's why I'm attracted to it. And for some reason I alway's like white nobby glassware. I don't know the exact name of any of it - do you?

The little orange pearl bowls were the perfect thing for pumpkin pie lastnight sans the crust. I baked them like custards in a water bath along with our roast. The kids have just finished up theirs this morning for breakfast. Not a bad effort $3 for a half dozen!

The last item - I need help with. It is heavy and it is a press of some sort. When I bought it a fella came up and said that it is a meat press - as in for tongues etc. Any ideas?


Jen Kealey said...

You use a weighted press for sour krout and sour beets etc Amy. Anything that needs to air pressed our while fermenting. I remember Kath used to put bricks on towels on her brews!

Sara R. said...

I think the white bowl's pattern is called Hob-Nail, and the glass is Milk Glass! Appropriate for you, I think!!!
Hope you're all having a wonderful winter over there. Matt just killed our first Rattlesnake last night out by the road in front of the house. Snake season makes me wish for winter!