Tuesday, June 1, 2010

timely advice

This little boy and I have just been on autopilot for the last couple of months.
I had a conversation with a good friend of mine from Queensland the other day and she was asking how we were going... Sleepless, unsettled, emotional, sporatic and frequent feeding, etc. but all is okay, right?
Do you know when you are in the thick of things that you sometimes just take things as they are? Like not seeing the forest for all the trees?
We are now nipping that in the bud (and thank goodness it's not my boob anymore!)
Going to sleep on his own in his cot without feeding first thru the day.
Slept all the way thru the night lastnight till 6:30. Sigh. Relief. Gratitude.
Thanks, Em. I needed a bit of a pep talk. I only wish it was over a cuppa after a warm hug!

Isn't he a saucy number in his crazy hand-me-down hat from Gavin and his cowboy boot slippers from Auntie Roneita? Daddy thought so when he got home from milking this morning.

Have a happy day. xx
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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, Monty looks adorable in his new out-fit
very fun looking. Wonderful to hear Monty slept through the night, well done & long may it last. Love Nanny.

PS You look good too Nic Love Mum

Sarah said...

Oh... I had wondered how you were REALLy holding it all together I mean I am in the mist of it as well and thinking what is she on!!!!!

I SO LOVE THAT hate - love it. Wish I had one here for my one year old (next week!!!!!)

Kate said...

Oh my goodness Monty is CUTE!
So pleased to hear the sleep thing is getting under control.
Have a great weekend and keep WARM. X

Anonymous said...

Ha Monty looks classic - love it! I hope James doesn't give Monty any bad habits when we come to stay as we are still waking in the night!

michelle said...

do you feel like a new mama now? hope this type of thing continues! i actually slept in tom's bed last night (as he usually snuggles up with eliza) and left little man jedd with his dada. i had a full night's uninterrupted sleep...wishing i actually went to bed at 9pm instead of 12pm!!