Sunday, August 29, 2010

what gives?

Does this happen to you?
I get the flu for 2 days and this is what the place ends up looking like. 

As soon as I put my nagging stick down and just lie low, the tornado of children spills it's wrath upon my home.

To be honest, these are the tame photos. I didn't dare show you the bathroom after Gretta decided to make binoculars from toilet rolls. Unfortunately, she chose to use full rolls, so there was a lot of loo paper that needed to be displaced. Or the MOUNTAIN of washing to be done.  My dear dear husband always makes sure that the kitchen gets attacked, even after his 15 hour days. I love that man.

And really - in light of the floods in Pakistan, I haven't got a worry in the world.


It is just frustrating, is it not?

Now, let's get something clear. I am in NO way a clean freak. There are so many better things to do with my time than scrubbing and cleaning all of the time. In fact, I'm quite bad at it because I really don't like it.

And one more thing clear - I have three children under 4. Monty is a professional furniture removalist. Baxter and Gretta only clean up when I tell them that they will not be eating again until they tidy up. Is that child abuse?

But.. having said that - I am a stickler for my kids to make their beds and tidy their rooms in the morning.  They are also not allowed to trash the small livingroom/office - trashing is for the toyroom.


I've got to admit, I really like going thru blogland and seeing what and how other lovely, inspiring women make their home, spend time with their kids, take spectacular photos, etc etc.

I love the meme "my place and yours" -- although I never joined the crew.

Clever ladies have clever ideas for making life a bit better. Making it easier and more organized to get thru the day.

So, if I asked you what the ONE think is that makes your day easier - be it a clever way of storing something, getting the smalls out the door, laundrying, keeping your house tidy, etc... would you share it?  If you've had a superb idea that you just haven't quite implemented....  How bout you let me know - and I'll share here.

Leave me a comment with your "clever thing," or leave me a link and I'll compile them to blog em' up.

Come on - we can all use a little chunk of advice!

What's mine, you ask??
Hmm. Let me ponder that one.  I'll share mine with yours.

Now go on - share with me - I need all the help I can get!


m.e (Cathie) said...

I know exactly what you mean! THey see a weakness & pounce on it.

my one thing..hmm, I have to think about that too.
I'll be back ♥

Mom said...

Hmmm. Dad just reminded me of a little girl with a toilet paper fascination about 32 years ago. Check your email :)

Leonie Guld said...

Gee Love...I have no idea what you are talking kids are just down right PERFECT all of the DAM TIME!!!

heres ya link ;)

Carrie said...

Well, don't know if it's advice, but they certainatly get me through the day....
coffee, chocolate and wine. God must have made them for mothers! :)
Miss ya!

Jen Kealey said...

Do you really want me to start on this one! In my humble expreience and that of all other mothers I know, it is simply the nature of the beasts not to give a f*@# where their stuff goes! It is simply part of your incredibly gratifying job of raising said little angles to consistently and neever endingly remind them to do it or get over it and live in their grovel!! End of vent. Love jen PS Debbie, I like your input!

Jen Kealey said...

I just wanted to ask Carrie if it matters if you start with the wine?