Tuesday, August 10, 2010

wildlife rescue

There are many reasons this husband of mine reminds me of my dad, but this one took the cake.
He arrived home and waltzed in the door with a kookaburra under his arm.
As you do.

As my dad did - with many kinds of lovely little rescued animals.
The most memorable were "Chirpy" the baby robin that he brought home in his lunchbox. And then there was "Chippy" the baby chipmunk......

Well, Kookaburra only stayed with us for a few hours, but Nic rescued him, gave him a snack and let the kids have a good look at him.

Had any wildlife in your neck of the woods lately?

xx Amy
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Mom said...

Dad said while I was gone there was a baby bunny that came up the steps to the screen door, and the cats were going ballistic right on the other side...He said it was very cute. He and Tyler and Jake escorted him out of the yard a little later.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting the Kookaburra photos up, What a cute little bird. Kate xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, How special to get up close to a Kookaburra,reminds me of when Hannah & I rescued a magpie. It stayed with us for a few months learn't to fly then one day flew away. Have you heard the news? Mandy & Hayden are engaged.
Love Bronwyn