Saturday, August 21, 2010

lemon + eggs + butter

By George we've got a lot of muddy eggs at the moment.

So... What does one do that has unlimited access to a substantial amount of divine organic eggs and a lemon tree the size of a small country?

We got stuck in and tripled a recipe for lemon curd.

(Note to self: when recipe calls for unsalted butter... don't use salted butter.)

Turned out yummy over a bought sponge cake from the markets today. Would have been supreme if it was also covered in lavish coatings of whipped cream too.

Don't worry. There's still sponge left (not to mention JARS of lemon curd).
Cream is in the fridge waiting for smoko tomorrow.



Sarah said...

I adore lemon curd...yum fresh sponge. enjoy

Kelly said...

Yum, I love lemon curd!

Sarah said...

lemon curd - yum yum yummmmmmm

Kate Bruning said...

So delicious - and I am blown away by your eggs!!! Better start paying attention to my chooks again. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.