Saturday, December 4, 2010

my poor neglected blog.

Oh my - there's been so much to do around here of late.
My poor neglected blog has taken the back-burner, but you'll be happy to know that my camera has not!

a few happy snaps from our little walk to Agnes Falls last weekend.

Sometimes it is so nice to just hop out of the house and off the farm to go and see something naturally beautiful.  We had an impromptu BBQ at Walkerville with friends last night and ended up being chased off the beach with lightning!

you have to be pretty tired to fall asleep during pancakes for dinner.

Nic and I have set some boundaries in the kitchen.  
Yes, he did get the short end of the stick when he didn't write in our vows...

"For richer for poorer,
to clean up my coffee mess
in sickness and in health
she will wipe up all of my crumbs and put the honey, peanuntbutter, jam, butter away for me every morning,
in good times and in bad,
she will pick up my smelly poo shirt and stained trousers off the kitchen floor
till death do us part."

Too late now, Honey!

oodles of rhubarb coming out of the garden at the moment.  We've been eating garlic scapes (called "goblin hats" in our family), loads of arugula, lettuces, and heaps more almost ready to devour. The loganberries and plums are getting ready.  I'm getting ready to use my new Fowlers Preserving Kit.  I picked up a humdinger from my neighbours sister.  I have plans for many jars of pears, applesauce, plums, plum/loganberry/blackberry/raspberry/apricot jams.

and last but not least, we did this last week:

but to find out more... you will have to visit my other new blog!

have a happy day.


Jess said...

I am off to visit your new blog then! Love the name of your Organic Farm.

Love the pics and can relate to the hubby mess although mine has been fairly rigorously trained these past 9 mths, he still cant seem to understand the concept of closing cupboards and drawers after opening them... strange creatures they are!

Thanks for your words of encouragement and ideas re: natural induction. Very helpful x

Jess said...

BTW - Love Walkerville. That beautiful old kiln is gorgeous for taking in the views of the ocean. I dont know if I told you but we have a little hollie house in Venus Bay that we share with another family. Love it down there and cant wait to get down next!

Mom said...

FINALLY!!!!! I felt like I was banned!
Wonderful pictures of my babies. Thank you soooo much for the catch-up.
Now a warning: the Blog Police will be after you if you don't keep posting every few days!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Amy, how cute Monty is falling asleep while eating!

Kate said...

Looks like there's lots of fun times at yours lately!
It must be so much drier there than here if you are bailing hay.
LOVE your Mum's comment.
Off to check out the new blog.