Friday, January 28, 2011

gonna need a p.a.

As much as I'm ready for the new "year" of kid happenings to start so that we can get a rhythm... I am shitting myself wondering how I am going to manage it all.  I've pulled out my amazingly large calendar from the Melbourne Design Market and stuck it all up so that we can be prepared for what is going to hit us in just over a week.

Karate, 3 year old kinder, 4 year old kinder, Dance, Swimming Lessons, KVS Homeschool/playgroup, yoga, markets, Melbourne egg delivery, egg processing.........

I will be a slave to my car. I think that'll pretty much sum it up.
I will certainly be declaring Sunday family day and rest day.

Believe it or not - thru the planning process of organizing this "year" I have actually learned to say "no." If you haven't tried it - please do. It feels okay. Just go with your gut. My gut is now telling me that I should indulge my children and take them to Warragul to see Play School. A girl can change her mind, can't she?

What's the "year" ahead got in store for you?



dixiebelle said...

That seems rather busy!!

I too am looking forward to Little Miss M going off to 'big school' so we can get into more of a 'routine'...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So who's doing the Karate? You? or Nick? haha. Loch is startinf Ti kwando next week, hope he likes it? T

Emma said...

Defniitely go to Play School at Warragul, Matt's niece and nephew go bananas there!
Good luck with your craziness, our craziness is beginning here with harvest and trading produce getting going this week. 2011 sure to be busy here too with impending wedding/house plans!

Anonymous said...

I have a calendar like this on my desk and am beginning to feel the same way. between the ferrying to music, swimming etc etc I'm trying to frantically figure out where I can fit in work. I'm improving on saying "no." But not enough! Lovely to meet your blog. It's beautiful.