Saturday, April 2, 2011

around here...

we've had cuddles on the couch with bunny wearing a special top made from
Kate at Foxes Lane (how spesh!!? much??)

made some homemade chai for a friend's birthday. have spent whole day with said friend preserving apples and dehydrating apples and wrangling kids and having lovely homemade hot cross buns!

got a lovely little parcel from Georgie Love
How lucky am I to have won a spunky little green scarf just in time for winter!

made homemade pasta with Elizabeth and Erica. WHAT A TREAT! If you have never had homemade fresh pasta - or if it has been a while - DO IT. Totally delicious. 

got our wood heater installed - hurrah! - on it's custom Nic made, Amy designed hearth. What do you think? The fella that installed it walked in and said, "where's your hearth?" then saw it and in a monotone said, "oh. that's different."  Something said to me that he didn't really fancy our taste.??

have had a very toothy fevery boy with two new eye teeth giving him curry. he hasn't been a difficult teether, so if this is all that we have to cope with - so be it.  he's looking up today - off doing all the farm chores - driving tractors with mama and dad, terrorizing all children, destroying any assemblence of a household with transporting toys and breaking anything possible, throwing food, throwing cutlery, refusing to eat in a highchair, feeding calves with dad, doing ANYTHING with dad...... 


Sarah said...

the poor munchkin...

But what great fun you all have had with that florious food and friendships!

Mom said...

Oh happy morning! Dad and I found a new blog this morning :))!!
When did Bunny reappear? And where was she spending her time?
All your food adventures remind me of the time I used to spend with Sharon Edwards, while all you kids did what your kids are doing now. That was a very sweet, homey time in my life.
Poor little Monty. I hope he can poke those teeth through quickly and get on with all he has to do. Mighty busy schedule he has these days!

Vic said...

I love your "hearth", it looks fabulous, as does everything going on over there - except for the ouchie teeth situation, poor little dude - lovely.

Kate said...

Hooray!! I love seeing your little bunny wearing her t'shirt. Remember the dramas of getting that package to you. It sounds wonderful over there. I hope the littlest feels better soon.
Have a really happy week Amy. X

Jess said...

You will be having one lovely cosy winter with that hearth burning brightly :)

We were in Venus Bay recently for 5 days of rest (well, as restful as it gets with two kids under 3!) and we went to Fishy Pub for lunch. I thought of you and almost set out to find your farm... but then both kids were grumbly and tired and over it.

We are heading back up for Easter - Is Ruby Organics open to the public? We might pop in and buy some eggs!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, The Hearth looks great & the Log Burner very smart, well done to you both. Gretta looks lovely with Bunny. Hope Monty is feeling better soon.Talking of home-made we were given black boy peaches,(delicious), shortcake was on the menu with the peaches, yum
Lots of Love,
Bronwyn (Nic's Mum) xx

Anonymous said...

I love the hearth Amy, very funky!
Poor Monty, what a gorgeous wee boy he is, hope those teeth come thru soon! Love Kate.

Mom said...

Yummm Bronwyn, peaches sound great. We have that to look forward to in a few months.
Amy, I was so excited to see your babies that I forgot to comment on your pretty hearth. I recognize the tiles from the kitchen, right. The set-up should help keep y'all toasty through the winter.

Emma said...

I REALLY want to make pasta, I used to when I lived with lovely housemates that had a pasta maker, and now it is high up on the bridal registry list for us ;) Yum nom nom. I'm thinking I could make a serious batch of gnocchi with my potato supply?!