Wednesday, April 20, 2011

lucky duck

I'm one lucky ducky.  My friend Emily and her beautiful family have graced us with a visit from Queensland! We have just spent the last 3 days farting around at the beach, Melbourning, and Penguin visiting with our little tribe of 6 children in tow.

Monty and Skye had matching jammies. I reckoned they looked like oompa loompa's.

Skye makes me clucky. She is such a little piece of work. 
Those ringlets had me wrapped around her little finger and bingee belly.

Missing them already. Feeling rather blessed to have good friends.



dixiebelle said...

Such cute kids!

Mom said...

Hiw fun! Hi Emily...Your family is beautiful. That 6-pack of kids is adorable!!

Mom said...

That would be "How" :) I hate typos!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I knew you would get clucky at the sight of Skye, she is just so cuddly, oh AND the hair, another Amy?