Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Our morning started with chocolate and hot cross buns... How about you?

We decorated 37 easter eggs and gave 30 to Fishypalooza's brekky efforts. Heaps of messy fun.

Have a go at my BEAUTIFUL homegrown beetroot! Roasted with a bit of Olive oil and fresh Tarragon.

loving my new egg shaped stacking bowls. a wee bit "easterish" no?

big kids still have remnants of their most awesome face painting from lastnight. 
they also have very dirty pillowcases. 

the egg hunt was fun - that E. B. was very generous and clever!

afternoon of a snuggly nap and we're back off to Fishypalooza for some more music and fun.
Whoever invented the Tiramisu is not welcome in my house. 
I made homemade mascarpone and cream and blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Fairly in depth if you want authenticity. 
After spending many hours - authenticity is for the birds.
I hope it tastes good - but will not know as I can't bear to look at it again till tomorrow!

Happy Easter. Don't get a tummy-ache and don't make Tiramisu.


Sonia said...

Great pics! I'm a newcomer to your blog. Really enjoying having a peek at other posts. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Amy yours is the second Aussie blog that I have seen Fejoias on...where do you get them from? They are a dime a dozen in NZ but everyone I have spoken to in Australia has never heard of them before :( and we LOVE them.