Saturday, April 30, 2011

Duke and Dutchess

How beautiful was that wedding? 
I got all goose-bumpy when the princes got into their car in their stunning uniforms.
And Kate - so beautiful. I reckon the borrowed crown was amazing!

Pippa was so lovely. How much fun do you think that was for their "commoner" family!?
I guess that they have had a few years to get used to the royal traditions, but this wedding must have been ultra special.

...and one fail for the day...

what did you think of it all? Did you stay up for the kiss?


Kate said...

It was a true fairy tale, so romantic and beautiful but you are right, that head piece was hilarious!!

Sharyn said...

I agree, it was a beautiful wedding and I found myself feeling a little teary too. Her dress was so beautiful....and I had to stay up to see the kiss!!!

p.s I love your blog. I've never made a comment before (felt a bit shy!!)

Leonie said...

I was up, sat through it the whole time. Dave even put the kids to bed LOVED IT. She was just beautiful.

As for some of the head dress.... questionable!!

dixiebelle said...

It was stunning & special all round, I think! Pippa looked almost as good as the bride herself! Loved both their dresses/ hair/ make up etc. (Oh, yes, the 'crazy cousins' but at least their outfits were designer, and they weren't the only ones with OTT head gear!) I stayed up watching until the 'kiss' or rather, 'kisses' but wished there was a bit more 'Hollywood' in it... they were so cute about it though, and hey, with Grandma/ The Queen right there, I might not have gone for a big tonguey either!! ;)