Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello, how are you?

This snapshot of the contents inside my handbag are a great representation of my life 
and brainspace at the moment.
Scattered and random!!

I love reading fellow blogger's post's about the contents of their bags... 
Like - "oh what a mess! I have my knitting needles and my wallet, and oh dear! how messy of me - 
I have a spent tissue!" -- the horror!

Get a load of the crap in my bag. I especially love the scattering of my Arnica that I keep in my bag. Little white pillules rolled out everywhere. 
I'm surprised that there was not a used nappy in there with a mouldy apple.

Anyway - the sun is shining today, and is at least making my scattered and hectic life a happy sunny one.

Hope yours is too.

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Leonie said...

I often laugh at these shots....If you could only see what's in mine.....ewwww!!

PlanningQueen said...

Mine would look very similar at the moment!

Ashley said...

Mine is embarrassingly clean.