Thursday, June 16, 2011

feelin' great!

Have a look at these great op shop finds in Melbourne this week! Pyrex Agee - can go in the oven! But... I was thinking that I'd have to buy some more kiddo bowls as we only have 3 in use at the moment - and voila! How ace are these! 

And here's yesterday's lunch for hubby and me. I am feeling SO good. 
I'll share a secret - I've lost 7.8 kilos! (that's 17.2 lbs for you Americans!)
Life is good. Tremendously busy, but it feels so good to look after myself as well as everyone else now. 



dixiebelle said...

What a find!

Georgie Love said...

Can't believe that is diet food (ok, I note the lack of carbs) - it looks so delicious! Am very jealous of the pyrex bowls, have been looking for a set for ages! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a set of those exact same bowls in bright orange and love them.

Love the colours of your ones.


Han & Moo said...

You go girl! So glad to hear you are on top of the world. X

Sarah said...

WAY TO GO - that was fast!

Mom said...

So proud of you daughter. Keep it up!