Friday, June 10, 2011

Light all my Lights

terribly excited.
I get to go see these lovely ladies with a big ol' group of country town friends next month in Meeniyan.
How cool is that!

Here's my favorite song.
It reminds me of that handful of really really special friends I've got stashed away in my heart...
How's your friday? Mine's great. I feel great, sticking on track to my lifestyle changes. Had a lovely walk around Leongatha today in my super duper new shoes. 

These are $279 top of the line running shoes. 
In last year's colour. Red (which happens to be my favorite colour!) 
A bit over the top you say?? I got them on sale for...... wait for it......
a hundred bucks.
Yay me!

.... anyway- I really like walking around the neighborhoods. I actually prefer to walk around a town rather than a bush track (probably because I'm always in the bush here on the farm). We have a most spectacular bush track here that goes for miles and miles called the Rail Trail. It's only 1/2 K from our house too. I just like the change and to perv on everyone else's stuff and gardens. I'm creepy like that.

Then I went to the op shop and found some shoes and book treasures for the kidlets. 

Baxter is right into everything "factual" whereas Gretta still likes a bit of imagination....

And we've got a garlic stuffed fresh venison roast warming away in the oven. 
(*Vegos tune out now!!!*)

What's cooking with you?


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Jane S said...

Lamb chops, homemade pita bread, hommus, feta, roast pumpkin & a glass or two of Pinot Noir...happy Friday :)