Friday, September 30, 2011

coffee. best ever.

Are you obsessed like I am with beautiful coffee? 
We're not talking about ultra grande milked down syrupy disgusting excuses for coffee,
but real, strong dark bliss in a little perfect cup.
Well, get a load of this little beauty...

that's right - it's electric!
No stove-top espresso around here - just flick the switch and wait for perfection!
My wonderful parents and grandparents got it for me for my birthday this week from here

with a dash of our beautiful raw Biodynamic milk splashed on the top...



Sharyn said...

What a fantastic idea, love it...a good cup of coffee is just bliss!

Mom said...

That's my girl! Chip off the old block...except I use more milk.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy couldn't agree more, I look for the coffee at around 10am- look out if I don't! - Have tou seen the electric tea pot? very cute! Have a great day xo T