Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Penelope

This is the sweetest little addition to our family.
Penelope - or Nelly as we are all calling her.

She's a little Cavocker (King Charles Caviller x Cocker Spaniel)

She is a gift to Gretta - as she's now 4 and a half and still has a very big fear of animals. She had a traumatic dog experience when she was a baby and has been eternally petrified of all animals. Even our farm dogs can make her scream in terror.  Well, now she has the adorable Nelly to follow her around and we've got our fingers crossed that this little pot belly girl will help our girl break down some of her barriers so that she doesn't live her life in fear of animals.

By the way... She's very stinkin' cute.


Mom said...

That's about as cute as you can get! I'm going to put one of the photos on my desktop. 24 days and we will meet her in person :)) See y'all soon! xxoo

Fiona said...

Two gorgeous girls Amy ... both Gretta and Penelope. Pleased you decided on that name, I have a very special milker called Penelope. Happy New Year to you all.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, she's just so damn cute! so is Gretta by the way. hope you are having fun on the school holidays and happy new year!


Emma said...

Oh dear me. As if you're Monty didn't make me clucky enough! Am thinking Tessa needs a little friend when we eventually return from our travels. Yes yes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gretta, Penelope is a gorgeous wee puppy, what a lucky girl you are! love from Hannah, Georgia, Kate and Mike.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gretta, Can't wait to meet Penelope in March, she looks a very friendly little dog. Nanny & my sister used to have a Cocker Spaniel when we were growing up & he was very much loved.
Love Nanny & Grandad xx

Leese said...

Oh what a cutie! Gorgeous pics too!

daylesford organics said...

Oh MY GOD!!!!
Cutest little thing ever!!
We have been talking about a puppy all week.
I think you just pushed me over the edge. x

pen said...

such a good name.... heehee
looks like there is a bit of bonding going on there!

Donna said...

Nelly is just too cute!! I think she'll be Gretta's best friend for life!