Friday, January 27, 2012

bring you to your knees

The day after Australia Day - and I've been flooded by tears.

The Australian Government is a pack of puppy dogs wagging their coward tails behind the Corporate Greed Arseholes.

I wish the farmers of Australia the best in fighting for their freedom to own a farm, make a home and drink safe water.  God knows the Government is doing nothing to ensure that happens.

Shame on you, Australian Government.


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Thanks for sharing Amy...from one farmer to another I am also shocked by this.

Valula said...

That is awful, I feel like crying. And, I truly hope that the water tables are safe. Fair play to that man he spoke so well, shame he had to tho. Pls post an update when there is more news.

Leese said...

Hi Amy, just to let you know I tagged you in a little bloggy award today,details are on my blog, Don't feel obligated if you would rather not, but just letting you know.
Leese x