Saturday, January 7, 2012

saturday morning this and that...

My 4 year old is writing words. LOTS of them. Many many pages filled with:
and the such. Proud mama.

We had a lovely quiet Christmas with a few video messages from the states...

happiness and tantrums

and some excellent summertime fun.

The hay has been hauled in by one extremely charming little blonde boy and his daddy (who cleverly hand made a quick hitch on a very old trailer... smarty pants!)

chugging away in a great summer.
expecting some very special friends to arrive on Monday.

and a little four legged new arrival to come shortly for the little miss in the family (with a fear of animals).

We have a shortlist of names:
Penelope (nelly)
Pepper (pepe)
what name gets your vote? 

Happy Days. xx


Emma said...

Oooh I want to come back and visit ALREADY!

Monty is melting my little yearning heart for a mini-Matt-farmer-boy. Way to make the ovaries ache woman!

Our family dog we had for many years (a 'chunky' golden cocker spaniel) was named Penny/Penelope. Oh I miss her :( She came from the same people we got Tessa off. I will always have a spaniel :) Quite like Nell or Pepper though. As you've probably seen we acquired a new dog up here - well our hosts did, named Tilly. We went through names like Molly, Bonnie, Sadie, Rosie...but she just looked like a Tilly! Don't decide until you get her, and what are you getting btw??? Do tell.

Han & Moo said...

Such gorgeous photos!

And I vote SALLY for the furry addition to your family. Hope the little miss LOVES it! X

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Lovely post Amy, beautiful kids! Have fun with the new addition to the family :)