Saturday, July 31, 2010

She's Three.

My darling little girl is Three today. It is magic to be Three.

She requested corn flakes for brekky and a pink cheesecake.
Our beetroot cheesecake was a very subtle pale pink, but she noticed that it was in fact pink.

She has been well spoiled with A LOT of loot.
A very special addition to her collection is her mama made doll house. Well, it's actually a mini bunny house. My girl has a "thing" for bunnies.  She love's all things bunnies.

Not bad for a $10 opp shop doll house, eh?
Must say thanks to Mandy for helping with the interior and exterior colour schemes.  She came from NZ to make this special for our little girl.

I love you my darling. You are my precious little girl, and you make my heart bloom a million times a day.



Anonymous said...

awwww, she looks well pleased with her loot, hope you are having a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gretta!! We will call you today. I love your bunny house, you will have hours of fun playing with that. Love Aunty Kate, Uncle Mike, Georgia & Hannah.

Jen Kealey said...

A day fit for a princess! Your bunny house looks divine. Happy happy days being three Gretty. Love Aunty Jen

Kate Bruning said...

What a fanstastic doll house - Lucky, lucky birthday girl!!! I have been to Fish Creek before Amy - I think I might have had lunch at the pub too. Beautiful part of the world! Love Kate (the greedy for colour one), xxooxxooxx.

michelle said...

happy birthday beautiful girl!! what a gorgeous doll house...what a clever mama you have xxx

Mom said...

What fun you will have playing in your Bunny House! I love that your mommy made that just for you. It looks like you had a very fun day, Baby Girl. We love you and your whole family to the moon. Remind your mommy that she needs to send a picture CD to her mommy!