Tuesday, October 26, 2010

got dirt that you could eat with a fork?

anybody else's fingernails look like this at the moment?
I had a lovely afternoon with my 2 bigger kiddos in the garden planting out and mulching.

this little man has had a bit of a hard time with the move and is a bit emotional.  don't get me wrong - they LOURVE the farm - heaps - but it's a bit unsettling, nonetheless...

look at my amazing veggie patches that my hubby has designed.  We've got the lot out there after a wee spot of shopping at Diggers (thanks NZ fam!) The soil is luxurious, rich and full of lovely Certified Organic/Biodynamic goodness. 

big boy was ready for a big boy bike. The balance bike has been passed on to little miss with the addition to a barbie helmet (gag!) and a pink horn - she's happy and Baxter is over the moon with his big one.

and.... look at the DOGS BREAKFAST the plumbers have left me on the back side of the house.  We're having a "Gardening Gala" and inviting everyone round on Melbourne Cup day to help us with the garden. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm figuring Jasmine on trellis and a planter box or two. And yes, the pink will be exiting when Mom & Dad come over in February.  Two points to the person that guesses the colour it will be painted.

Have a happy day.


Butterfly Mama said...

I am guessing either red or blue?

Hope Baxter settles in soon! Poor little darling. X

Mom said...

A pink Barbie helmet...what could be more exciting AND it goes with the house. Do you really think we should paint it??? I told Dad I can just picture Gretta having one of her "sit down hard and kick and scream" fits when she finds out she won't be living in a pink house any more! I think you should wait until I get there so I can help design and plant the garden (WITH gardening gloves!)