Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Nights - lost forever?

It is 8:49 p.m.
Friday Night.

So this is what it has all come to? Sitting here with a cup of tea making lists, paying bills, etc.
We used to be just getting ready to go out for the night faffing about prettying up

- and now look at me! Ratty bathrobe, slippers, simply exhausted - mentally and physically from another week.

I've been sanding the floor at the house today. Big job. I didn't think it'd be so big, but it was. Especially when you throw in a large patch of lino glue right in the middle of it, a bit of water damage and an old hearth - it all spells - LOTS OF WORK! Thankfully Dad's always expert advice from California and Nic's hour of grunt-work came to the rescue in the end and it's come away just fine. Now to do all of the edges with an edging tool. Should be great fun for our up and coming weekend!

The good news is that the builder has finished, the carpet is in, the sparky has neeearly finished, and we are just waiting on the plumber to get his things done and the painter to come in next week and the vinyl to be laid on the 18th.

Where was the good news there?? Oh yeah - the builder has finished - and done a smashing job.

This is an expensive, relentless and thankless job at the moment.  Why did I choose to do it?  -- Oh, that's right, we're working toward having a property and home that is ethical and feels wonderful.

I love what we are doing by producing wholesome, Organic, untainted, nontoxic food made with love, but why does fixing up this old house feel like I'm a bad kid in trouble? Is it wrong that I won't just live anywhere anymore? Is it because of the mother in me wanting to have a happy and safe home for our kids (which requires this reno)? Beats me.  I just wish I was enjoying it a bit more.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

Perhaps I need to heed my own advice and live life with soul.  --Just choose it, Amy!

Besides - without all of these bumpy bits - life would be so bland and un-juicy!

Off to bed to get some beauty sleep. Maybe one of these Friday nights I'll get all dolled up and go out to dinner with my hubby. Yes, that sounds good. And a Gin and Tonic too!


Mom said...

That was your Grandpa's drink of choice. We would babysit in a heartbeat. Wish we could help with a bit more than advice.....It is sounding like it will be quite nice when you get done. Keep your chin up little girl.

Aussie-waffler said...

Aah yes, I used to love hitting the hot spots on a Friday night, now I'm thrilled if I can make it to 10.00 whilst enjoying a wine or two and some take-away (if we're really living it up). I think the house will be wonderful when it's all done, hang in there. x