Friday, October 15, 2010

and some more....

Are you sick of these photos yet? Well good - because here's more.

my super plate rack made by my builder into my recycled shelf

a view from my ginormous pantry towards my newly white kitchen with tall benchtops! hurrah!

my vintage 1960 fabric artwork that husband gave me for my birthday. aww. lourve it.

the one and only completed room in the house. the laundry loo.  Oh wait - no vinyl on the floor. nevermind.

ye gads - look at all of the crap left to still clean up.

my oven.  super builder customized it into an old pantry. genius.  All cupboards, oven, sink, rangehood, cooktop and island bench -- secondhand for $950 bucks landed in Fish Creek.  There's been a fair bit done to it all, but nowhere near what a new kitchen and appliances would have cost.  

shaping up the kiddo's room

shower room vanity and handiworked pressed metal backsplash from hubby.

there's been a fair bit of scrubbing done on these to remove all of the Apricot, Pink and Clotted Cream coloured paint, but we're getting there!

I cannot believe how great the kitchen is looking all in it's white.  I love recycling! 

If anyone has any extra energy - please send. 

Hope to be in at the end of next week..



kirsty said...

wow, your kitchen, no actually your whole house looks fantastic, so happy for you that it's all working out so well. yay. have a great weekend.


Mom said...

Blended water!!!!! You really are still my California girl :) It is all looking so fresh and nice and I can't wait to see it. Your hard work really shines through. Thanks for the new photos....I check at least twice a day and Dad does too! Now how about pictures of your babies? A grandma needs those, don't you know! Love you to the moon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
Looks really lovely. The birthday clock from Em looks great, you sure have a talented builder & of course your ideas & Nic's make a good team.
Love Bronwyn

Aussie-waffler said...

It's really looking wonderful Amy, I'm really enjoying seeing the transformation, thanks for sharing your pics.

michelle said...

wow amy - what a lovely job you have done so far! you must be very happy xx

Mandie said...

I love your kitchen. Love.

barbara said...

Hello Amy! Thank you for visiting my blog via Greedy for Colour, it's lovely to meet you and I just think your house is amazing ... esp your kitchen that plate rack is just wonderful, good luck with your ongoing renos, Barbara :)

Jen Kealey said...

Amy it looks beautiful! Well done you creative, thrifty girl! Love the pressed metal and your signature blue!

Leonie Guld said...

Oh... I am loving IT!! The white looks FANTASTIC!! I just scrolled down to the before's...OMFG...BIG JOB LOVE XX

Umatji said...

love the pressed tin and the plate rack - well done you!

eka said...

ooooooh aaaaaaaah. looking gorgeous.
spare energy incoming.O