Tuesday, October 12, 2010

getting near the home stretch

Underneath those dropcloths are my sanded and oiled floors! 
You'll have to wait to see those until the skirting boards have been painted.  

Don't you love my blue? Dulux Blue Satin - or as us Gundy girls know it - "three wishes blue"!

and here we have my two recycled glass doors.. painted and ready to go.  Pantry on the right, shower & loo on the left.  A bit bizarre to have a loo and a shower in the middle of your kitchen, but we like a bit of crazy in our lives.

Okay - so here we have what the old ceiling looked like.
I am not kidding.
It was white at one point in it's life.
Thank GOD it's white once again.

not one smoke detector in the place - but now there is with my hubby's handiwork.

and working with the pressed metal - he had to edge a windowsill with it very cleverly so that it was heat safe next to the cooktop.

and I know... I know... a bit ridiculous to unpack my Great Grandmother's teacup collection while we're still under construction, but it's one of those boxes BEGGING to be unpacked - and it made me incredibly happy to unpack and tuck them safely away on the top shelf of the pantry - where nobody has to do anymore work.  

Back to the Grind.
Have a happy day.


Val George said...

Looks BEAUTIFUL. Can't wait to come for a visit! Where's my room?

Aussie-waffler said...

How exciting, painted walls, oiled floors, it's all happening.

Jess said...

Oh I am loving that blue.. very calming. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

Jelly Wares said...

It's all looking absolutely gorgeous Amy!!! You have such an amazing flare for stlye...

Jodie :)