Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Baby Baby

My most wonderfully sublime baby child turns 2 tomorrow.

We've done up his great-grandfather and grandfather's junior bed for him. He'll be chuffed. He likes all other "real" beds and I think secretly at night he longs for one of his very own.

This bed was found in the rafters of the family shearing shed in New Zealand before they sold the family farm. Nic and I rescued it, wrapped the crap out of the header and footer in cardboard and trusted Virgin Blue to bring it back to Oz. We have since then made a new base for it, bought bedding (because, NO I am not clever enough or have enough brainspace at the moment to quilt one like some of you crafty overachievers...! P.S. I love your crafty overachive-y-ness, just feelin' a bit jealous bout that.) and had it powdercoated in flame red.

I think he'll be pretty darn wrapped.
and then rip into the other wrapping as you do when you are two!

Do you think I will have to stop calling him baby now? Please tell me I don't. I don't want a broken heart.


Emma said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS! I freaking LOVE it Amy :) Exactly the kind of bed I would want for my imaginery children LOL That's so beautiful that it was his great-grandfathers, I love family pieces. We have a very similar old bed salvaged out of the high country of all places, we tried to give it to the historical society at Bairnsdale but they didn't want it? I want to get it powder coated and painted one day for a wee little one. Happy birthday to Monty xxx P.S. I'm nearly 25 and my mum still introduces me to people as 'This is Emma, my baby' so never fear :)

Mom said...

To my Baby:
Have I stopped calling you Baby? Not!!! Never!!!
Enjoy his special day. On your birthdays Dad and I always think back to the day you and your brothers were born. Sweet memories.
Very cute bed, by the way! He'll love it!
Wheel barrow was shipped yesterday :)

Sarah said...

He will ALWAYS be your baby!

I am keeping our just two year old in his cot for as log as I can... Think I am holding on to the baby thing as well!

LOVE what you have done. I am actually on the look out for bed heads to do the same thing. Red is cool...

Hope Monty has a lovely day!

dixiebelle said...

I think that is a wonderful present!

They are always our little babies...

Anonymous said...

What a truly gorgeous bed and one that has so much history!!
My 18 yo is still my are his siblings :) they don't ever stop being that.


Leonie @ Cuppa and Cake said...

Oh..I love that bed. I'm looking for a 3/4 for finny. Happy birthday little one. xx