Sunday, July 3, 2011

hello sunday.

Hello. What have you been up to?

We've been listening to a bit of this: (whacky whacky video, but wicked song.)

We've been fighting with a lot of this:

I've been doing Kinder Fundraisers left right and centre:

Why Why Why? I really hate stickers that don't remove without giving up your life savings and youth appearance.

End of Financial year brought us our Organic Inspection with NASAA, 

new bank, new files, 

Organic Dairy Farmers Meeting, new logo, new pricing structure, 

new labels...... and almost the beginning of a dream coming true:

More on that soon...

There has been a lot of dancing, movie watching, snuggly warm fire cuddles, hot baths, naps, cleaning, washing mud off of everything, and some awesome sibling play here of late. 

There has not however been baking and cooking. There has been a frustrated mama, but holding steadfast and not succumbing to the temptations of floury sugary consumption. I have been on the trail, and being good to myself.  There has been a little break in exercise with all of the office work that had to be attended to, but I'm enjoying walking with my little bike riders, and sneaking a walk in wherever I can.
Feeling good, tempted sometimes, but good.

With school holidays on, and some sunshine (fingers crossed!) we will be out and about, doing projects, stoking the fire, stacking wood, climbing trees, taking walks and rides,
gardening and all business farmy.

What are you up to? xx


Jane S said...

The big stack of milk bottles looks exciting...I bet those new labels will look awesome on them! At this end - baking brioche (I know I shouldn’t!) planting rhubarb, asparagus, quince, pear & apricot trees, tending broccoli seedlings, kids stuff, walking, playing with my new camera…lovely weekend stuff!

Mom said...

Wow! I must still have the motherly little comment on facebook and voila! A new blog :)))
You are certainly keeping busy and the new milk bath project sounds interesting! Wonderful picture of the kids. Dad and I both love it. Email it, ok, so I can save it!
Now, as for the mud, I'd get rid of that if I was you!

Fiona said...

Well firstly, congratulations on the beginnings of a dream come true. As I get older I'm becoming far more aware of slow food, natural living, organic produce and a simpler way of living. I'm so grateful to be able to feed my family eggs from our chooks, milk from our beautiful jersey, meat from our own grass-fed cattle, pork from our free-range pigs and veges picked from the garden. I love seeing what you're doing, unfortunately the regional towns close to us are still very much a 'McDonalds mentality', more interested in a fast cheap feed than healthy, purposely-produced food. Frustrating!
Okay, off the soapbox ... well done on your healthy non-baking strategy, I really need to follow your example. I did one day of the couch to 5K last week, will try harder this week! Just not enough hours in the day.
Can't wait to hear more of your new adventure! Take care.

Sarah said...

Ohhh this is exciting - I am so looking forward to hearing more about it!

Emma said...

CRACKING photo of your three! Matt said very cute :) We are also intrigued by your milk bottles, exciting times ahead.

Jellywares said...

Amy, you and your family look so happy...
Your Sunday looks and sounds just perfect..

Have a gorgeous School holiday break - if you can call it that... LOL!!

Jodie :)