Saturday, July 30, 2011

preparations are being made...

Oh yes, there's a big day happening around here tomorrow. 

It'll be all Pamper, Polish & Princesses for Gretta's big 4th.

We've got pom pom's, petit fours and plenty of shrapnel around to make little girls squeal. (Just check out those butterfly cookies that Liz made for her!)

And for the mama's - mimosas, cups of tea, and a our beautiful massage therapist, Edith doing 1/2 hour rub downs on tired mama's backs and shoulders.

There'll be pedicures for little princesses in the dining room, painting and primping and being little ladies with plenty of delicious treats - chocolate dipped strawberries, petit sandwiches, deviled eggs, ham rolls, and of course Birthday cake Lepage - in a flowerpot theme!

And yes, I will most certainly be taking the day off from eating sensibly to celebrate my darling daughter and all that is wonderful on the day. (Okay Okay - I had to sample the chocolate covered strawberries today too - just to be sure they were perfect...)

How's that for pampering?


dixiebelle said...

Love it! Happy Birthday to your daughter, everyone is going to have a great time!!

Sarah said...

That is FANTASTIC!!!!! WOW your children have a GREAT creative mind. I LOVE the idea of the massager!!!

Hope it is the best day for the sweet girl : o )

Anonymous said...

How fantastic!! Have you good room for one more :)


Sharyn said...

Oh wow, everythings looks just so beautiful and so, so girly, Have a wonderful day tomorrow,,,,,I love birthdays so much, they are just so exciting!!

Mom (aka Grandma Jo) said...

Sure wish I was there. Getty Girl, have a wonderful day. Love you to the moon and back 10,000 times.