Friday, July 15, 2011

little ones, logistics, labels, love and mud = life

Hello, how are you!?

Sorry for my slow blogging at the moment (mom!), but we are a hectic little family. 
School holidays have been good fun - so nice doing Lego, Yoga, building, playing, etc with the smalls. Baxter and Monty have hit a great little groove of being able to play together - it's so lovely to not be breaking up fights as much anymore. Gretta is busy doing all of her girly girl things and chucking big spacks - she's such a mirror for her mother! After the tantrum, however, we are back to our lovely, wide eyed little darlin - busy making amazing stick figures everywhere we turn.

We have been busy little bees frantically getting our new Ruby Hills Bath Milk on the go.

Who knew Logistics were such a pain in the bum!? There a lot of boxes to tick before it happens, but fingers crossed, they're nearly all ticked... Just finalizing the terrifically complicated refrigerated transport details from the sticks to Melbourne.  The good thing is that we are incorporating my egg deliveries with the milk, so I will be gaining 52 extra days in my year that I won't be behind the wheel truck-drivin' in Melbourne! Hurrah!

I hope this Full moon will send all of the organizational vibes it can down to me to get the show on the road!

I'm continuing to do well on not eating crap. I feel great, I'm sleeping better (even with my 2-3 cups of divine coffee everyday...), and I have great intentions of moving more - sometimes it works out and I do, and other times I get bogged down in the daily necessities to get the movement in.  Yoga soothes my soul and stretches my bod. I wish I had the discipline to do it 3 times/week as 1 class per week just isn't cutting the mustard - but at this stage, it's better than nothing!  With a bit more sunshine, hopefully some more walks and kiddo bike-rides pop into the playing field. Hey - look at my op shop find! I love my new green handbag - and it set me back four bucks! Add my lovely little Elk sparrow on the front, and voila. A handbag that I love.

Don't you just love those pretty little eggs in my hubby's grubby farmy hands?!
Totally blessed.


Anonymous said...

Wow Amy, I didn't think you could get any busier!!!! Just love the bag- such a bargin hunter xox T

Kate said...

Gorgeous Amy!
I read somewhere about your bath milk and got so excited. I hope the boxes are easy enough to tick. And imagine not having to do the delivering any more. How wonderful. Enjoy all those extra hours.

Mom said...

You are forgiven for slow blogging. You sent one just before we left on vacation and now there is one right after we come back :) Keep in mind, we will be around alot now!!! Pressure is on!
So do you mean someone else will be doing all the delivery, or that you can do both at once so you don't have to add another day in each week??
Your bag is cute and you are too!xxoo
You are on the go so much I don't know how you keep it all together!
Love you.