Friday, July 8, 2011

One must you-tube before beginning projects

I have been inspired more than a million times by the most wonderful Soule Mama, as I'm sure that most women on this planet have been. I mean, cluck cluck cluck on that new Annabel, eh?!

Anyhoo - I've been collecting our old clothes for a while now, and have decided that since my "creative basket" has been VERY empty lately that I would sit in front of the fire with Masterchef (how good is this season!) and my hubby on these cold evenings and make our very own Paul Family Rag rug.

There's a fair bit of maternity shirts in there - hard-worn hubby overalls, jeans and workshirts - all in neutral darker colours. I've googled rag rugs, and I've seen my fair share of stunning white rugs. Albeit beautiful - what kind of moron makes a WHITE rag rug? Aren't they meant to be made from rags?

Google is the key here. The first attempt was unstiched at about 15 inches in diameter because the string I was using to bind the braids together was breaking. Never fear - I dived back in with a hardy yarn and went to stitching it back into a lovely oval. You would think that by unstitching the first time I would have done a bit of Youtubing to see about the pitfalls of rag rugs, but no. Off I went, and then I had a larger rug that was looking more basket like. I have now learned that the braid needs to be done loosely.
Not tight enough to be waterproof. ahem.

and so now - after Masterchef lastnight and a bit of harumphing I now have a very large pile of unstiched, unbraided rags to assemble LOOSELY into a rag rug. (Good thing, too - as the red was really not working for me. I've decided to set aside all reds, oranges and pinks to make Gretta a rag rug for next to her bed. Me thinks - next year....)

Good thing it's early in winter, eh?
Have you got any winter projects on the go?

P.S. I'm changing to an IMac Computer.
Do you do apple? Have you changed from a PC? What do you reckon??


Anonymous said...

hi amy, can't wait to see your rag rug when it's done! i switched to an imac last year and i LOVE it, you won't look back. hope you guys aren't getting frost bitten bums down there.


Sarah said...

Oh gosh I so totally understand the project issues... I am not very patient so I can get crabby with mine!

I am a Mac person and have converted many friends!!! They all say they will never go back. You wont regret it. Just stick with it then suddenly it will flow!

Jellywares said...

Soulemama is one inspiring woman for sure!!!

I love rag rugs and am itching to make one for my family too...

Good luck with yous, I can't wait to hear how it all comes together in the end..

Hugs - Jodie :)

Leonie @ Cuppa and Cake said...

I Love the rug and my MAC. BEST Decision you'll ever make.

But...I'm not to sure about farm programs. You might need an expert.


Emma said...

You ate a braver woman than me Amy with that rag rug project! I am Mac all the way, mainly because I was taught to use Photoshop on macs at uni, love my big widescreen for my photography. If you need a hand give me a yell :)