Thursday, December 16, 2010

chalk it up

My big boy is quite obsessed with writing his name. 
He loves to practice and is getting quite clever about it.

We are contemplating staying at home, doing some friendly baking.. Sierra Nugget Chocolate Chip Cookies, brownies, etc.. and being a bit festive while taming tantrums from ALL 3 now.  

Yep - that's right. Baxter is not quite stepped out of the howling tanty, Gretta still throws some clangers, and Monty is right on the cusp of  the nail biting, ear shattering wobbly chuckers.  Lucky me.

My other option is to head to Melbourne with my babe, leave the two big kids to dad and swimming lessons this arvo to order our properly smoked ham for Christmas. We say "no" to the nitrate laden, MSG pumped, factory farmed hams from most all supermarkets and we need our ham from our gorgeous little deli in the guts of the Queen Victoria Market that has some values and integrity behind their products.

Hmm. Decisions Decisions. What are you up to today? What is on your Christmas menu?


Hannah McNulty and Baby Moo said...

So glad to hear that my Baby Moo isn't the only child to throw a good wobbly tantie! The joys of being a Mama! Have a great trip to Melbourne - the ham sounds delightful! X

Emma said...

Ooooh that ham sounds a-maz-ing. You have to tell me your deli man at Vic Market? As I too kind of gag at the thought of those turkeys and hams from supermarket. The Neerim South butcher (Jindi Pig) does an equally a-maz-ing free range organic ham and other yummy things that have some values thrown in for good measure. Worth the drive.