Sunday, December 19, 2010

summer succulence

even though it doesn't feel like summer yet - it's still pretty cold and rainy... we are being rewarded from the season with some succulent new produce.  The garlic is AMAZING! We really enjoyed our garlic frenzy yesterday.  We ended up with 4 plaits one is gigantic.  There are a heap of loose bulbs that we're drying out on an old bedframe.  I'm considering roasting a whole heap of it and preserving it in olive oil.  Has anyone done something like that?

The loganberries make your tongue tingle with delight.  We spoiled ourselves last night with a creation by Chez Amie's (Amity and I)
"Strawberry and Loganberry Shortcake with Loganberry Coulis and Mapled Frozen Yoghurt"
We gorged. How truly satisfying!

This here is my Great Grandmother's sifter.  Her Great Great Grandson used it today to help make our little star shortbreads. I love using it. It connects me to my family.

Those aformentioned Shortbread Stars were topped with this magic concoction -- 
Nigella Lawson's Rhubarb Vanilla Mincemeat.  Oh Glory. This is a triumph of a recipe. Easier than boiling water and a tremendous effort for using up my beautifully pink rhubarb in the patch.

We're pretty much all about food here at the moment.
Why not?

Have a happy day. xx
P.S. We've been to the markets - come by my other blog to have a look. Ruby Hills Organics


Anonymous said...

Holy cow you are amazing Amy - what gorgeous food you have been producing!!
We have a few garlic plants here but I have no idea when to harvest so possibly soon....
Em xoxo

Mom said...

What a treat to see so many new posts tonight!! It still boggles me thinking about you in the middle of summer and picking berries and us in the snow. Happy pictures :) We miss all of you.

Jess said...

Wow.. those stars look absolutely delish! You are indeed an Organic Goddess :)

Thanks for your lovely welcome to Ayla... we are settled in at home now and enjoying our new life! x

Peas Please Mummy said...

Wow- very tasty looking, and oh how I LOVE Garlic!!

A BIG Merry Christmas to you and your wholesome little brood xx