Friday, December 10, 2010


My biggest of my smalls are finally getting some swimming lessons.  When we lived in Gundy - our options were very far away (70 K), and with a baby thrown in for good measure - just didn't happen.  I'm not sure that it has been such a bad thing that we've waited until age 4 & 3 and a half's as they seem to be doing really well - they've both had little frights, but are still excited and are keen to get the oh so fancy and super special goggles.  Seeing as we live 10 minutes to the beach, we thought it might be nice if Santa brought a life jacket for each of them.  Gretta was hoping for something more like lippy and tutu, but ... we'll see...

How's the gearing up for Chrissy going?  We've got our tree up and subsequently are constantly putting ornaments back up and saying - "NO" to Monty as he parades around the house with his new treasure.  As you can guess, about 90% of the ornaments are now at the TOP of the tree.....

We are having a joint garage sale tomorrow with our neighbours from around the way.  I've done some baking for the morning so that I can wake kids, chuck in car, and toss a muffin to them while I unpack the goods. The muffins are really good! 

Here's what they are...  

they use olive oil - which makes me balk - firstly for cooking with Olive oil - it shouldn't go above 170 C otherwise it goes off.  But secondly - baking with the flavour of Olive oil?? Hmm.  But these are little rippers! (Well - not so little - it made 12 regular and 6 large muffins!)   Give em' a go - if you can't read the recipe above, let me know.  

Of course I added something - as I always do - chopped macadamias on the top.  And I used Organic Spelt flour. And decreased the sugar by 1/4 cup.  

Serve warm with a large lashing of butter.  I better go put them away before I help myself again.

Off to organize garage sale, pay bills and process eggs on my day off from the kids.

Have a happy day.


Kate said...

Oh yeah the processing the egg bit always sneaks in doesn't it.
Good luck, I hope you sell everything and those muffins look yum.
I hope you have a happy day too. X

tea with lucy said...

My in-laws have an olive grove so I always bake with olive oil now. Plentiful supply!

Jess said...

Yummo! Might have to make myself some gluten free muffins now...

- Will send you an email next time we are heading to Venus Bay. Will be once the baby is around 3 mths old. I cant go past an offer of Organic Eggs :)

Anonymous said...

Great to see the kids are enjoying their swimming lessons..
Muffins look awesome YUM
Ha Funny I can just see lil Monty tearing around with ya chrissy decos - we have placed our tree behind the fire guard!!
Xmas shopping all completed YAY
Hope the garage sale is a success - am going to call you guys one day soon before xmas!
Love Em xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, such a good idea to start swimming lessons when they are preschoolers. The muffins look delicious, good luck with the garage sale. Love Kate

Anonymous said...

There is definitely no problem starting lessons a little later, they pick up so quickly, I remember being told, as long as they dont have a fear of the water, there is no problem. We had twins first up, so I didnt start until 3, as I couldnt go in with 2 of them prior to that.
The muffins look delish! x