Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bullies. They're not nice.

Why do we Australians get bullied so badly?
It's rampant in our schools - and apparently continues through adulthood.

Take Coal Seam Gas for example.
Big business and the QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT (who threw somewhere around 3 BILLION dollars at it just after the Queensland Floods - hmm. an appropriate use of funding Anna Bligh?)  are shoving it down our rural families throats.
Their choices are being taken away and their health and future in farming is being stripped of it's future.

When is it going to be that things that are morally and environmentally WRONG end?
Is money enough to ruin the ecosystem and health of rural families?
Is money enough to take beautiful bushland and properties and rape and pillage them to be toxic void wastelands before long?

Let's get behind these innocent people that are being bullied and poisoned and pillaged in rural Australia.

Share and talk about it. It needs to be stopped.


kirsty@shoproomstudio said...

gosh! this is just so BIG and SO important, thanks for sharing Amy

Fiona said...

I just don't understand how governments let this happen. Here in Queensland we are constantly bombarded by government selling the 'green message', we are no longer allowed to clear trees (and in some cases it is necessary for better land management), yet the mines can dictate their terms. We now have CSG drilling (only testing at this stage) only two properties to our north. It is absolutely sickening. We are on the northern edge of one of Central Queensland's greatest aquifers, all of our property is supplied by underground water.
Keep fighting the fight Amy.

dixiebelle said...

It's scary.

Anonymous said...

So true, once the land is ruined then what? No more fertile land to feed the animals and grow crops, the mining companies move onto the next piece of land and leave a destructive worthless mess! T