Thursday, September 15, 2011

cutest. things. ever.

Not much makes me squeal like a little girl.
SIX little grey and brown bunny babies make me revert to a child.

Oh my. They are the most adorable creatures I have ever laid eyes on.
I can't wait to catch one or two of them and hug and cuddle and love them all over!

Sorry for my distance between blogging - I've been flat with trucking logistics for the milk and eggs.

But hopefully that adorable little thing up there has cheered you up a wee bit.

P.S. Have you got Laura Marling's new album?
Here's a wicked little bit of it...


Anonymous said...

OHHHH my how adoreable so cuteeeee!!!
well lucky you for living anywhere but QLD!!!
Somehow the law states we cannot have cuddles from those gorgeous animals?!!!
Hope this finds you and the family well Amy, Tracey xoxo

dixiebelle said...

Too cute!

Love her music...