Friday, September 2, 2011

Lost hope!?

Hey pssst. Guess what? I've lost 17 kilograms. 

Not that I truly "lost" it - because I do not seek to re-find it ever. It can go to hell!

I haven't been blogging about it because it has seemed to make up most of my waking life - what I can actually eat because I'm allergic to nightshades and have been kicking Candida's arse which requires not consuming a lot of foods that I am free to eat and supplementing with some not so pleasant to take remedies. So my typical menu during the day can include any of the following:

avocado with garlic and basil and lemon
scrambled eggs
rooibos tea
poached eggs
steamed broccoli
fried eggs
deviled eggs
coconut oil
ham (the real stuff, not that crap from the supermarket)
raw yoghurt
dandelion tea
egg salad on lettuce
ham rolled with cheese and rocket
eggs and spinach and garlic
fresh coconut
roasted venison, beef and lamb with gravy made with cream
hard cheese
bacon (the real stuff not that crap from the supermarket)
boiled eggs
raw yoghurt
lots of Oregano Oil and Grapefruit Oil
cinnamon eggs
Acai berry supplements
Coconut baked fish

Now that I put it like that I feel like I've got lovely variety!

Our family eats a dozen eggs every weekday morning. If it is a child's kindergarten day - they get to choose which style, otherwise it is usually scrambled or poached. There was a bit of bellyaching to begin with to get off the carb kick, but we are SO much better for it. We have an even keel around here every morning - with energy that lasts till lunchtime. On the weekends we mix it up a bit and I allow their little carb hit. But as for me... I still have eggs. Fancy that!

The one thing that just seems to elude me is exercise. I still do my Zumba and Yoga classes, but I'm hopeless to do exercise on my own free will. I know I know - busy busy busy. But I also KNOW the importance of it - for the rest of my life. Might have to get a trainer on board, eh?

Happy Spring!


Emma said...

17 kilos?!!!! Holy hell woman - you are machine! Sorry for bringing carbs into your house :)
Eggsellent menu

Anonymous said...

wow Amy! that's awesome - 17 kilo's! you must be feeling fantastic. good for you!!


p.s love the menu!

Fiona said...

You rock!

And pleased to see you're not eating that plastic crap ham from the supermarket!
We do a lot of eggs too. They are nature's wonder food in my opinion. We eat them every breakfast ... often accompanied by home smoked bacon or ham. Gotta love ya some protein.

Seriously, try the C25K, it eases you into running, and next thing you're hooked.

Mandie said...

Way to go on the weight loss!!