Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh Spring.

Can't believe that I'm sharing the mess I called my sewing cupboard.
It looks like a bandicoot has been rummaging through it.
Little wonder there's been very little sewing in chateau de Paul, eh?!

Well, Spring is officially here, folks - and so is full on spring cleaning.
We've been living in this house for 11 months - and we're still perfecting where all should go - shifting it here and there.

Not that there's been a lot of time for organizing anything but milk and eggs!

Baxter is full time full on Dad and farm man. (With his sidekick Rocky)

We've got ourselves organized with a custom milk filling system.
I've organized trucks to do my deliveries twice a week. No more Melbourne Tuesdays truckie Amy for me!

... and people are loving it - orders are growing and growing.
Lovely realizing the dream.

This little man is such a little delight. A very big stubborn, opinionated, independent 2 year old.
Would you expect less!?

and our darling girl is SMITTEN with the new kittens. Baby bunnies are her life at the moment.
She's gone from a petrified girl around animals to gaining teeny steps of confidence.
Have I mentioned that they're extremely cute? Because they really are.

We had a yummy sunny 27 here today. Divine.
Happy days to you and yours from me and mine. 
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Emma said...

Happy Spring Amy! Love your bunnies, I don't think Matt would ever let me have any, he might shoot them :( Monty looking very big and grown up! I need to get my butt into gear with the Spring cleaning - get this house well sorted for the big pack up. Sigh!

Mom said...

Fabulous pictures! All are so cute! I check air fares daily. Nothing yet.

Han & Moo said...

Oh my - those bunnies are just gorgeous! Life seems to be going gloriously for you. SO excited to hear that orders are growing for your milk! Lucky the Melbourne-ites know a good thing when they see it! Much love to you X

Fiona said...

So much to love in Spring!
If only we were allowed to have rabbits as pets in Qld ... my Rottweiler would be most excited!
Love the look of your Rocky.

Anonymous said...

Cute kids & bunnies! your logo on the milk bottles is very cool, well done to you and Nick for achieving this! Love Kate