Sunday, September 4, 2011

wickedly wonderful father

What makes an amazing father?
Well, I don't know how, but Nic is the poster boy.

Unconditional love, kind heart, warm arms?
Strong hands, purposeful words, gentle guidance?

That's my husband. A most wickedly wonderful father to my tribe.
My heart grows more full of love every day. How is that possible!?

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Mom said...

WAs it Father's Day in AU this weekend?? If so, it looks like it was happy!
We just got back from our trip to Mendocino and Patrick's Point. Wonderful!! I love your dad!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
What lovely photos. Just back from Taihape & Kaikoura (last night) 11 great days. Looking forward to the end of November when I can see you all.
Love Bronwyn
Nic's Mum NZ