Thursday, November 12, 2009

and for a girl...

She's finished! Our lovely little Poppy doll for Mirabel!
I am umming and ahhhing about a flower for her hair especially after seeing Leonie's - and for the simple fact that we are big fans of hairclips around here!

I am lapping up these silly little sounds and goofy grins at the moment. He started to roll over this week. No more leaving him on the bed (bad mommy!)..

... further proof that we are big hairclip fans around here. I made this owlie clip for Gretta when I was waiting for Monty to arrive at the coast. She's only just started to ask for it. The poor little possum has been erupting at both ends with a case of the vomits. Hope she doesn't share! With that an unlikely option, we have loaded ourselves up on good doses of fermented Cod Liver Oil and Olive leaf.

The big boy had a big night out with Daddy the other evening and caught our dinner! I snapped this photo as he started getting worried about daddy cleaning the fish. He loved eating them and is looking forward to his next outing (I think they're going out again tonight).
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Leonie Guld said...

Hey she looks FANTASTIC!!!! I added the flower because I felt she needed a little extra!!! I hope you found the pattern simple. It's definitely a keeper here!! Oh congratulations on your win....lucky bugger!!! I see m.e is a new reader...she is absolutely delicious!! One very special lady!!

Mom said...

I am loving this! I look here every night before bed, and I get to enjoy a slice of your life. XXOO You are getting so creative and I love to see that. As you remember, I loved sewing and creating when you were little. I sure hope Gretta is feeling better soon AND she doesn't share. LACS sent the kids home last Friday, and stayed closed Monday because so many of the kids had the flu. Take good care of all of you. Love you to the moon. Mom

Leonie Guld said...

Awww....Don't you just love your MUM!!