Saturday, November 28, 2009

off to school again?

Have been a touch pre-occupied since we've been back from the beach.. I have signed up for my Optimum Birth Course to become a qualified doula!
Doula? you say??
yes a doula - a independently hired birth support person.
I am passionate about birth and the spirituality of it. I had 2 very ordinary "hospital run" births and then one very magical birth on MY terms. I birthed my beautiful boy - nobody told me how to do it. I had a doula and she was a plethora of knowledge and support. I would under no circumstances birth again without a doula, and specifically Michelle

I will be naming my doula business none other than
Birth with Soul
what do you reckon?


Jen Kealey said...

You have truely found your calling Amy.
The name is perfect
jen x

Julie said...

It's perfect, A - I am so proud of you for continuing to follow your own passions, and find things that define you as you, and not simply as a wife or mother (not that those aren't enough)...

Love you,

m.e (Cathie) said...

wow, sounds like it is definitely what you are meant to be doing.
and of course, LOVE the name.

Mom said...

I think we need a Doula who calls her business Birth With Soul here in the states! Can you hurry up so you could help Roneita?? :)