Saturday, November 7, 2009

for a boy...

Ahhh.. a day of creation! Here's the first one:

I started with the gifted fabric from Leonie and my Grandmother's shears...

and after a bit of sewing (and feeding Monty) we have this:

a little pencil roll for a little guy.
I will be donating it to Pip's Mirabele Foundation Project. If you haven't heard - check it out!
It feels good to make something for a little somebody that has had a rough go. I especially wanted to start by making something for a boy - because girlie things are so much more prevalant than boy things.  Then I read the directions..... I always read the directions AFTER I complete a project.. and they are wanting "plushies." Not to worry - I am making a plushie too and will include the pencil roll for them to give away as they please.
There's been a lot of "create" in my day today.. will share later....
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Leonie Guld said... looks fantastic!!!! I am sure it will be received with open arms!!

m.e (Cathie) said...

i like your pencil roll, colours are gorgeous!