Sunday, November 29, 2009

he's got good taste!

This precious child started eating solids today.

This precious child was very keen to help.

Monty boy loved his pear and egg yolk. He's been grabbing our spoons and reaching for our drinks, so we are away with solids! I think Nic liked the reaction on my face more than Monty's..

We also put up the Christmas tree today. V. excited kiddos. V. excited mama because I can use the old line, "be nice.. Santa is watching!"
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PlanningQueen said...

It is very gorgeous watching the interactions of siblings. Such lovely photos of your little ones!

Kate Bruning said...

Nothing like your first batch of solids. You just never look back do you... speaking of which, I had better have my breakfast solids now. Gorgeous photos and by the way, just read your last post - how exciting - In NZ we have a dedicated midwife throughout the entire process and you end up with such a lovely bond. I think you will be wonderful.

Mom said...

We make such funny faces while encouraging our children, don't we! I am working on the Christmas tree too. Dad and I got the monster inside without ANY cussing, and I will work on it today while he delivers the camper to Red Bluff, and picks up Tyler and Jake from Jim and Roneita's. Does "Be nice. Santa is watching!" work for husbands too?

Jen Kealey said...

You will be gnawing on the turkey leg by Christmas Monty boy!